Natural remedies for keratosis pilaris treatment

Natural remedies for keratosis pilaris treatment


In some cases, natural remedies for keratosis pilaris treatment are far better than over-the-counter lotions and creams. Normally, home remedies cater mild cases of keratosis pilaris. There is nothing wrong in trying natural methods as long as there is proper knowledge in doing it.

A keratosis pilaris treatment can both be done through a physician, or someone who believes in the power of herbs and natural ingredients. This article will focus on the home remedies that can help in treating this skin problem.

1. The first keratosis pilaris treatment is the application of Aspirin mask. This mask should be used on the affected area. It is basically made of aspirin and water and must be massaged into the skin before rinsing off.

2. To help soften the skin, one effective keratosis pilaris treatment is body scrub. Doing this at least three times a week can give softness to the skin, remove the dry skin, and reduce redness brought about this condition.

3. Since this condition is associated with dryness, one simple keratosis pilaris treatment is exfoliating the skin regularly. This will help in removing acne that blocks the skin, improve the skin’s texture, and remove the red bumps.

4. Moisturizers should also be present in your treatment. This plays a big role in making the bumps soft and hydrating the skin. Some good examples of moisturizers include green tea oil, lemon oil, camellia oil and many more.

In treating keratosis pilaris, there are only four things to remember in order to keep the skin radiant and healthy. They are exfoliation, moisturization, softening and the application of anti-inflammatory agents.