Tips on Solid Wood Repairs

I am presently working at a well respected and quite popular cabinet shop. How popular? Well some of our stuff is actually being used in the Pentagon, Vegas casinos and other well-known places. refer to the teds woodworking guide, which explains lot of wood projects in detail.

A lot of cabinet places tend to particle board with a veneer or melamine top layer. Sure it may look nice, but it is still not solid wood, and the customer will notice, especially when they lift it up.

If you do a lot of solid wood work at home, you may want to pick up some of these tools and products.

1) Carpenters glue – surprisingly strong and won’t wreck your wood like screws or nails.

2) Chisels – Always good for chipping away excess wood.

3) Sand paper – 180 grit is pretty good for a nice smooth finish.

4) Palm Sander – Makes it a lot easier than using the old elbow grease.

5) Tape – Just to be used like a clamp.

These tools come in very handy, but we have specialized tools as well. One of our tools is a “Boat Grinder”, which you place it on top of your gouged or chip wood, and it drills out a canoe shaped divot. The next tool is a “Boat Maker”, which of course makes your little canoe shaped pieces. I am not using technical names because I prefer layman’s

Terms, as I am sure you do too.

So if you have a chip or gouge or even a chip in your wood, simply boat it out going with the grain of the wood. Then fill the hole with some glue and place your little boat into the hole (matching the wood type and grain) then tape it down with some basic fairly adhesive tape. Wait around 30 minutes, then sand off your boat so that it is level with your piece and then put a little putty, just to fill any tiny imperfections you may have.

When I was first taught this way, I thought it was stupid, but it really works and if done right, it is very hard to tell where the repair was made.



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Let me tell you about how to get ripped abs in 4 weeks easily and swiftly devoid of spending all the available time in the gym. There’s lots of misconceptions about the abdominal muscles and in this article you will see what it really takes to build a set of an attractive six pack abs. The winning formula to get abs is basically based on three primary factors. Exercises, nutrition and motivation; removal of those 3 factors and you will never be able to achieve your target of six pack abs.

Nutrition tips and why traditional diets don’t work

To get ripped abs, you should lower body fat percentage minimum a single digit. The lower body fat percentage of your body, the more ripped and visible your abs will be. You might think that you already know how to do that, what’s new in it. The major problem is that numerous traditional diets are quite hard to follow. Do you have any idea that more than 90% people who follow a famous diet plan about how to get 6 packs in 1 monthare gaining all the weight back in just a matter of a few months or in some cases even in a few weeks? The problem with traditional diets is that they’re very tricky to follow for the body. Take a famous diet and your body will go into a mode known as survival mode. That means metabolism of yours will work slower and burn fewer calories.

First of all, you should have to realize that you do require all macronutrients. Therefore, you need carbs, fats, protein and fiber. Secondly, it is imperative to know that fats aren’t created equal. It is highly suggested to take in, an ample amount of good fats with each meal and to throw out bad fats from the diet. Don’t drink diet sodas as they do not assist you to lose fat. They do contain lesser amount of artificial sweeteners and this definitely makes your body crave for more refined carbohydrates and more sugar.


If you are looking for ways on how to get 6 pack abs in 2 weeks you should know that to get ripped abs fast, you need to do exercises also. First of all, it is imperative that you don’t spend too much time on performing target abdominal exercises. It’s actually a way better to do complete body workouts as they are much more efficient for your body and for your goals about fat loss. Cardio is suggested both for numerous health reasons and also for fat loss but don’t exaggerate. If you perform too much cardio, there’s a chance that you’ll lose lean muscle mass. Weight lifting should definitely be comprised in workouts also as this is your assurance to become super lean in lesser amount of time. Always select free weights as compared to the machines. And always do exercises at much higher intensity. Reason why lots of people don’t get outcome is that they do exercises which are low in intensity. However, if you run on treadmill while calling friend then this particular exercise is a complete waste of time.

Motivation and goal setting

The last factor to follow if you are looking for the way about how to get six pack abs in 3 weeksisgoal settings and motivation. And don’t neglect this topic because this factor is as imperative as taking nutrition for achieving weight losing and ripped abs goals. It is imperative to know that body doesn’t like it to change. Your mind will definitely come up with a dozen of reasons to ensure it doesn’t have to change. During six pack quest, you’ll definitely have pessimistic thoughts like “It’s too hard for me”, “I don’t like it”, “and I’ll never be able to get 6 pack abs”. The trick is to “cheat” unconscious mind; your brain has to believe that it’s a good thing for you.

I faced the lots of problems in achieving my target of 6 ripped abs, however, when an acquaintance of mine referred me to Suspension revolution 2.0 then I realized that getting six pack abs was really not that difficult like I was thinking of. Although proper exercises and diet plan is mandatory in getting a slimmer and ripped abs, but this product can also help in achieving target goals regarding the six pack abs.


In some cases, natural remedies for keratosis pilaris treatment are far better than over-the-counter lotions and creams. Normally, home remedies cater mild cases of keratosis pilaris. There is nothing wrong in trying natural methods as long as there is proper knowledge in doing it.

A keratosis pilaris treatment can both be done through a physician, or someone who believes in the power of herbs and natural ingredients. This article will focus on the home remedies that can help in treating this skin problem.

1. The first keratosis pilaris treatment is the application of Aspirin mask. This mask should be used on the affected area. It is basically made of aspirin and water and must be massaged into the skin before rinsing off.

2. To help soften the skin, one effective keratosis pilaris treatment is body scrub. Doing this at least three times a week can give softness to the skin, remove the dry skin, and reduce redness brought about this condition.

3. Since this condition is associated with dryness, one simple keratosis pilaris treatment is exfoliating the skin regularly. This will help in removing acne that blocks the skin, improve the skin’s texture, and remove the red bumps.

4. Moisturizers should also be present in your treatment. This plays a big role in making the bumps soft and hydrating the skin. Some good examples of moisturizers include green tea oil, lemon oil, camellia oil and many more.

In treating keratosis pilaris, there are only four things to remember in order to keep the skin radiant and healthy. They are exfoliation, moisturization, softening and the application of anti-inflammatory agents.

DeWalt DW744XRS Table Saw reviews

DeWalt DW744XRS review

Some time ago, I used to need to bear my substantial table saw from my workshop to my work truck and afterward to the jobsite. Toward the day’s end, I’d need to rehash the procedure once more. On a few days, I’d hazard leaving my table saw at the jobsite overnight, so hopefully I didn’t need to bear it to such an extent.

DeWalt DW744XRS Table Saw reviews

Today, that issue is no more an issue on account of the DeWalt DW744XRS 10-inch Job Site Table Saw with Rolling Stand. Yet, it’s not simply the shrewd wheeled stand that makes it extraordinary; its additionally an effective saw that is stuffed with components. How about we investigate and see what those components are and what makes this such a decent table saw.

DEWALT DW744XRSWhat Makes a Rolling Table Saw Stand Different?

A moving saw stand isn’t your granddaddy’s lawn workshop table saw. It’s intended to be amazingly exact, extremely portable, and sufficiently effective to tear huge stock without any difficulty. Moving table saw stands are right now suggests—they have a stand that crumples so that the two inherent wheels can connect with the floor, empowering the whole table saw and stand to be moved at this very moment toting around a bit of gear at the air terminal.

DeWalt DW744XRS

However, not all moving saw stands are the same. The accompanying elements are what I find critical in an all-around planned moving table saw stand, and what separates the DeWalt DW744XRS from the rest. Rack and Pinion Fence, High Torque Motor, Extendable Rails, Dado Capable, Simple to Adjust Safety Guards, DW744XRS versus DWE7491RS, Great Warranty

You can thank the intense 15 amp, high-torque engine for turning the 10-inch cutting edge up to speeds of 3,500 rpm. The substantial obligation engine additionally highlights an inner system that settles the arbor and keeps the saw cutting edge at this very moment conceivable. That implies you’re more averse to make saw blazes on your material as it goes through the edge. Best of all, the DW744XRS has a delicate begin instrument that diminishes risky start up torque, shielding the engine and apparatuses from harm.

I cherish wellbeing gatekeepers—they spare my more fragile furthest points from risks and harms. However, what I don’t love is the point at which they hinder my work. Nothing is a greater agony than needing to persistently alter the wellbeing gatekeeper for bigger or littler stock. That is the place the DeWalt DW744XRS acts the hero. It offers the elite Site-Pro Modular Guarding System that makes it simple to change the gatekeeper with its sans instrument adjustable watchman.

Janome 7700QCP sewing machine

The Janome 7700QCP sewing machine is a dream come true for people who love to work on large projects like quilts, slipcovers, and window treatments. Those who sew frequently and use their machine for a variety of projects will love the ease and versatility of this particular machine. It is also ideal for people who take on more intricate, time intensive projects since many features of this sewing machine helps to ensure they remain comfortable while they work.

Janome 7700QCP sewing machine


Owners could definitely describe the Janome 7700QCP sewing machine as being a very spacious work station. This sewing machine features a foot long free arm and an 11 inch by 4.7 inch work space. The Janomesewing machine operates on an AcuFeed system, where it feeds the top layer of fabric in sync with the bottom layer of fabric. This machine offers 250 stitches, including 11 buttonhole options, and 3 monogramming fonts. This machine features needle up/down selection, and has options of sewing speeds that can reach1,000 stitches per minute. Options are chosen on an LCD touch screen. The Janome sewing machine also comes with a built-in, one-hand needle threader and an automatic thread cutter. The machine has plenty of storage space with double accessory bins as well as upper storage. As if it did not already have enough bells and whistles, the Janome sewing machine has 5 ultra bright LED lights in 3 different places across the machine.

What’s So Great About The Janome JNHMC7700QCP?

This Janome machine is quiet yet powerful. The foot long free arm and large work area allow the owner to work comfortably on items like quilts and window treatments. While this machine is capable of tackling larger sewing and quilting projects, it does not take up a lot of space in a room. Nothing can beat the versatility of the Janome sewing machine! The AcuFeed system allows the owner to work successfully with any fabric imaginable, from thick quilting materials to fabrics that are soft and delicate. With so many stitch options and the simple touch screen to choose them, this Janome sewing machine makes projects practically foolproof. Owners will also love the automatic thread cutter because it makes work so much easier from the very beginning. The LED lights provide what Janome describes as shadow-free sewing, allowing the owner to sew for hours without any eye strain.

What’s Not So Great About The Janome JNHMC7700QCP?

There is not much of a downside to the Janome 7700QCP. The only problem users might encounter is that the sewing machine might eat the fabric, meaning that the fabric gets pulled into the hole where the bobbin thread comes up and the thread tangles beneath it. This can happen on any machine, however if the wrong needle or thread for the fabric type is being used, or the tension on the sewing machine needs to be adjusted. Since this Janome machine is so versatile and can be used for embroidery or work on delicate fabrics, the hole where the fabric could potentially go is larger than some other sewing machines. For the majority of users, this really should not be much of an issue.

Is This A Great Purchase?

This product is a great purchase because it is efficient, reliable, and designed with the user’s comforts in mind. This particular Janome sewing machine is one of the most versatile sewing machines around!


For the first time ever, a web developer conference is coming to Kerala. Attendees from neighbouring states are also most welcome to attend. Organized by an independent group of peers, HTML5 Dev Conf is a non profit event, but a nominal registration fee is put in place for controlling traffic and avoiding no-shows. Special discounted rates are available for students.

For the first time ever, a web developer conference is coming to Kerala. Attendees from neighbouring states are also most welcome to attend. Organized by an independent group of peers, HTML5 Dev Conf is a non profit event, but a nominal registration fee is put in place for controlling traffic and avoiding no-shows. Special discounted rates are available for students.

What this HTML5 Dev Conf is all about

A non-profit association of front end enthusiasts in Kerala is bringing you the first HTML5/JS Developer Conference in the region. Handpicked speakers are invited to take sessions on interesting topics. A nominal registration fee is implied to help with the organization cost as well as to filter out no-shows. Special discounted rates are available for students. Free entry is available for financially under-privileged students. To avail entry under this scheme, please contact us at (Information regarding those who avail the free passes will be kept private). Free media passes are also available, contact us for details.

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The Convergence of the Browser and Operating System

Nick Desaulniers talking about how the browser and the operating system are becoming indistinguishable to the end user

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